Permanent Electro Magnetic Chuck

Suitable for Milling
Permanent-Electro Magnetic Chuck
Permanent-Electro Magnetic Chuck


* Ensure higher magnetic and mechanical performances, as well as absolute reliablity.
* Owing to no power supply to keep the magnetic chuck ON, it could be used for long time and never get temperature ,
   to affect the accuracy of workpiece. "COLD" device, not subject to inetrnal wear or deformation resulting from    moving internal parts.
* Easy and convenient to clamp a workpiece, shortens clamping time.
* Most suitable for heavy duty machining on medium, large or even rough components.
* Easily integrated with Pallet Change of Horizontal Machining Center and FMS System the Magnetic Chucks will be
   geomertrically stable as the table itself.
* For the most powerful machine tools available. Systems are switched ON or OFF with simple electrical pulse. A varia
   output from 20%-100% is controlled from the operator push button unit.
* Entirely independent of external power supply when holding work pieces. There is no risk, when power fails.
* 2 seconds control for power ON & OFF. No electric Power Supply required to keep the magnetic chuck ON. Safely in
   case of power failure.
* 10mm MIN. Thin workpiece & MIN. 4 block magnetic pole for workpiece.


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