Tangimatic Dresser

Order No. V-TDA Code No. 2012-001
Weight : 7 Kgs
Permanent-Electro Magnetic Chuck

The dresser can be dressing any concave or convex of grinding wheel
Concave R : 0-40R(mm)
Convex R: -90R(mm)
Max. wheel DIA. : 8" (200mm)
Diamond dresser pen 10 mm

Tangimatic Dresser Handy Type
Order No.V-TDH Code No. 2012-002
Weight : 4.5 Kgs
The dresserr can be dressing any concave or convex of grinding wheel
Convex R:0-90R(mm)
Concave R:0-40R(mm)
Radius And Angle Dresser
Order No.V-TDB Code No. 2012-010
Weight: 11.5 Kgs
Conex dressing range : 0.8R-40R

Concave dressing range : 0-40R

Max. wheel dressing diameter : 250mm

Max. wheel extending diameter : 375mm
* Positive setting of the diamond toabsolute center with the special gage included with the dresser.

* Simple, fast,accurate radius setting; no height gage or other over set -up aids required. Radius is set on the grinder by measuring over the two pins or by inserting a gage block, as shown, for direct reading. Inside or outside radius is determioned simply by sliding reading. Inside or outside radius is determined simply by sliding the dowel pin to the right for concave and to the left for convex.

* 4x90° graduation in full 360° circle. 6 MInute veriner reading chrome plated.

* One push-pull type knob for radius and angle control control and for safer and faster operations.

* ACCURACY. Extermely close tolerances are held in the manufacture of this tool, assured by hardening and precision grinding of all critical parts. Ways are chrome hardened.

* ECONOMY. Set-up and dressing time reduced to a bare minium due to simplicity.

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